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Construction Ride On Toys

construction ride on toys

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    ride on
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Expressway 1 Opens on 7 July 1970

Expressway 1 Opens on 7 July 1970

Seen at a rest stop on Expressway 1 as I proceed from Jikjisa in Gimcheon to Beopjusa in Boeun County.

2008 was the 60th anniversary of the founding of modern South Korea (Republic of Korea). To mark the occasion, Chosun Ilbo, the largest newspaper in the nation and a mouthpiece of the far right, ran a series of 60 significant events of the past 60 years. And this is probably the most significant event of them all - the construction of Expressway 1, the 428-kilometer, 4-lane link between Seoul and Busan.

Shortly after rising to power in 1961 via a coup, General/President Park Chung-hee wanted a way to develop the national economy. After a 1964 visit to West Germany and a ride on the Nazi-built Autobahn system, he developed an obsession with expressways, and soon decided to build one of his own. The problem: South Korea had neither the funds nor the technology to pull it off.

Once bare-bones funding was procured - via normalization of relations with Japan in 1964, and via participation in Vietnam War later in the 1960s - Park decided to go ahead with the construction in 1968. Soldiers were conscripted to build the expressway at a breakneck pace, and dozens were killed in construction accidents, most of them building tunnels through this difficult stretch in Okcheon County. The construction cost ate up 25% of the national budget, despite being done in the cheapest way possible. Opposition was fierce - from opposition politicians, everyday citizens, and foreign lenders alike - as there were very few automobiles around, and the expressway was pretty much to be a toy for the rich. Park's response was that the expressway was necessary for better transportation of industrial materials and goods.

After 27 months of construction, Expressway 1 opened in its entirety on 7 July 1970, and the drive time from Seoul to Busan was shortened from 12 hours to 4 hours. And as Park had planned, it helped spur industrialization.

Of course, due to the breakneck shoddy construction at the lowest possible cost, the expressway started crumbling right away. That was the game plan after all; open the road at any cost, get the industrialization going, make some money, then pay for the costly repairs. Continual repairs and upgrades have since made Expressway 1 more sound, more durable, and safer; most sections were widened to 6, 8, or 10 lanes, center dividers and other safety features were upgraded, and some sections, such as the curvy tunnels through this area that were also prone to slick surfaces in winter, were completely abandoned, being replaced by new, straighter, wider sections. This also shortened the expressway's total length to 416 kilometers, though between Gimcheon and Okcheon, there still is the original 1970 monument that marks the exact halfway point, with 214 kilometers to either the Seoul end or the Busan end.

South Korea went on to construct many more expressways, though that meant comparative neglect of rail and conventional roads, a deficiency not fully addressed until about 2000 or so. I found South Korean expressways to be on par with most European motorways and superior to many US interstates.

Just like Germany can thank the Nazis for the Autobahn system and a world-class auto industry that it spawned, South Korea can likewise thank the brutal military dictatorship for its expressways and its own auto industry. As much as I hate to say it, it is true. And the South Korean far right and the Korean-Americans would love to scrap the current democracy and return to military dictatorship, because it was so much more of an overachiever. Grrr...

Kirkman & Son, 50 Bridge Street

Kirkman & Son, 50 Bridge Street

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Features: Six bays on Bridge Street and twelve bays on Water Street; segmental-arch openings; brick lintels and stone sills; on Bridge Street, wider openings for pedestrian entrances at ends; vehicular entrance in center; cornice with raised brick bands; iron tie rods on Water Street; iron shutter supports at windows.

Significant alterations: Two additional stories set back on roof; iron railing on roof; windows replaced; concrete block bulkhead at west end of Water Street elevation; facade painted.

History: In 1894, Alexander S. Kirkman began purchasing property at the eastern end of block 31. The site at the corner of Bridge and Water Streets housed a cooperage at the time it was purchased by Kirkman. The building at the corner of Bridge and Water Street is the first structure erected by Kirkman & Son on this block. In April 1895, in celebration of the completion of the factory, Kirkman & Son held a banquet on the second floor of the building for its 84 employees. Kirkman & Son Company traces its history back to 1837 in New York City, but did not move to Brooklyn until 1880. The firm was founded by English immigrant John Kirkman, but it was his son Alexander who opened the Brooklyn factory and was responsible for the firm’s growth into a major manufacturer of borax soap, octagon soap (soap shaped like an octagon so that it could easily be held), soap powder, softener, floating soap, and cleanser. Like other DUMBO manufacturers, Alexander Kirkman lived in Brooklyn, at 266 Clinton Avenue.

Alexander Kirkman was killed by a trolley while out riding his bicycle in c. 1897. As the firm expanded, it also built on Blocks 32 and 42. Like other firms in DUMBO, including the Grand Union Company and the Arbuckle Coffee Company, Kirkman gave away coupons with each purchase that could be traded in for premiums. A 1910 advertisement stated “BEWARE of persons offering to buy our coupons or to exchange them for trading stamps. If you dispose of our coupons to brokers or dealers you do not get full value. It is to your advantage to exchange them for our premiums only.” This ad, published in November also noted that Christmas toys were ready for distribution in its premium offices. In 1913, Kirkman & Son employed 375 men in Brooklyn. In 1930, the company was sold to Colgate-Palmolive-Peet. Production in Brooklyn ceased during the 1940s and in 1945 the property was sold.

The simple brick facade, articulated by segmental openings, radiating brick lintels and projecting sills, and raised-band cornice, marks 50-52 Bridge Street as an example of the American Round Arch style. This, together with its slow-burning mill construction, makes it representative of American factory architecture of this period and contributes to the architectural and historical character of the DUMBO Historic District. Built in 1894-95, during a major period of 37 development when manufacturers such as Kirkman & Son were making DUMBO into one of the city’s most important industrial neighborhoods, the structure contributes to the district through its architecture, structure, and the fact that its owners played a significant role in the area’s history.

- From the 2007 NYCLPC Historic District Designation Report

construction ride on toys

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Ironman Hot Toys : Must Have Christmas Toys 2011 : Top Christmas Toys 2011.

Ironman Hot Toys

ironman hot toys

    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

  • iron man: a strong man of exceptional physical endurance

  • Ironman is the solo debut album by American hip hop artist and Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, released October 29, 1996 on Epic Records.

  • Ironman is a 1995 novel by young adult writer Chris Crutcher who studied art and literature at the University of Notre Dame in his twenties. He created the cover image on the novel himself using the medium of oil pastel.

People and Ironmen on Crosby beach Christmas 2006

People and Ironmen on Crosby beach Christmas 2006

People and Antony Gormleys 'Another place' Ironmen on Crosby Beach, in between Christmas and New year, it was quite warm and I remember being quite suprised at the number of people who were enjoying the public space left by a low tide on the Mersey, against an ambient light it was hard to pick out the difference between ironmen and others.



Well, this is my first attempt at Ironman and I have to say that he definately kicked my rear. I'm not real happy with him and the nexrt time I may use the toy. Funny how the things that seem so simple can sometimes be the most difficult.

ironman hot toys

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