Best Toys For 12 18 Months

best toys for 12 18 months

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Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Active Assignment Weekly: Jan 11 to Jan 18: 'Something with Meaning'

First of all, Clorissasue, I really didn't mean to copy you, but you did a submission for your sick son and your dad, and mine are the same. I am sorry for this, and I tried to make them different :-) Great minds think alike!

So, this picture represents my son and my wife. The reason I chose this toy was because around 10-12 months Noah would sit and spin the ducks on this toy for what seemed like hours on end. He would spin it, watch it, repeat. I thought nothing of it, but my wife is always researching and reading stuff and she read something about this being a sign of autism.

So, obviously we realized this was not enough to be significant but we started watching him closer and stopped giving him vaccinations. Our regular doctor really tried to downplay it and was not very supportive about it so we found a holistic doctor. They set him up on a gluten and casein free diet and a number of different vitamins and supplements. Sometimes I feel like he is a walking vitamin shop. We made some other changes in his environment and he has already been showing improvements.

The soonest he could get diagnosed was 18 months so once he turned a year and a half (a few weeks ago) we took him to see a psychologist and he diagnosed Noah with autism. This doesn't change who he is, and we believe he can recover from it, but still it is just so scary not knowing what the future holds. All we can do is pray, and continue what we are doing. I am just so thankful my wife was able to catch it so soon.

WIT: My 18-105mm lens broke when I dropped my camera with attached speedlight! Sob!!! I literally almost cried. Only the part that attaches to the camera broke so I tried to snap it back together and it worked but I had to hold it in place. So I was able to use it for this shot because I needed the wide angle and my only other lens is a f/1.8 50mm.

So I set up the toy on Noah's dresser and used my ghetto rigged lens with my SB600 to light the room. In Lightroom2 I cropped and added a vignette to hopefully take attention off of the empty space in the upper right corner.

My toy!

My toy!

Isn't this the best toy? I picked it out myself! I got another blue ribbon today at the dogshows for first place in 12-18 month dogs. I got to go back in for Winners but I didn't get picked. Oh well I got a toy anyway.

I really had fun with it. LOTS of fun. As soon as mom sews it up again, I will play with it some more.

best toys for 12 18 months

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